What your dogs will need for their stay

On any visit to us, you MUST bring your dog's vaccination record card with you which must be up to date. This is a requirement of our kennelling licence. It is also a licensing requirement that you fill out a consent form. We cannot accept your dog without these.

We have plenty of plastic beds and lots of soft blankets that are washed on a regular basis but you are more than welcome to bring anything that helps to make your dog feel more settled. Our customers bring all manner of things ranging from mattresses and beds, to old towels and jumpers - just something with your dog's smell on to make them feel more at home. You are also welcome to bring a few little toys for your dog to play with. Please do bare in mind though, that toys etc are seldom marked up with your name and things can get "borrowed" by other guests from time to time. I suppose what I would suggest is to not bring anything too "posh"!