About us


Chandlers Cross Kennels is a small, friendly, family run business with over 60 years experience in looking after dogs. The happiness and well being of your dog is of paramount importance to us, and it is the main reason why we have refused to expand, so that we are able to offer the personal service and attention that our customers expect and deserve.

What age groups of dogs do we take? The age of dogs we cater for range from the very young, to the very old. So long as your vet is happy that your dog is fit to stay in boarding kennels then we are happy to look after them for you.

What breeds do we take? We specialise in the in the more sociable breeds of dog, from the very small, to the large. Our kennels all face inwards, so your dog can always see other dogs (when they want to). This also means that we are properly able to heat the kennel blocks which is so important, bearing in mind the sort of extremes of temperature we have experienced in the last couple of years. The dogs spend 2 hours in the mornings and two hours in the afternoons in the exercise runs where the younger ones can let off some steam and the older ones can potter about at their leisure. If you have just one dog, we will always try to find them a suitable "friend" to go out and play together with. Many of our customers have been coming here for years and some of them actively ask if certain other dogs are going to be here at the same time so that they can play together. Sometimes, we may have 7 or 8 little dogs, all from different families, who go out to play together and they love it.

Of course, if it is the first time your dog has stayed in kennels, or is of a nervy disposition, we will not just put them out with any other dog. We will spend some time letting them get to know other dogs and go at their own pace. This can be so beneficial to the dogs because it means that they are learning new social skills and allows them to forget where they are and just enjoy playtime. I have had so many calls from delighted owners who's previously nervy dogs have finally come out of their shell after a visit here.