Additional Services

We can offer you the following additional services:
Shampoo: We can shampoo your dog for you so he/she comes home smelling of roses. Just let us know when you drop them off and we will aim to do it as close as possible to your checkout day. The cost is £15 per dog. The shampooing fee goes directly to the person who baths your dog.
Shampoo, Clip and Nail Trim: We have a long standing arrangement with an excellent dog groomer. We can arrange for her to visit the kennels and shampoo and clip your dog for you while they are staying with us. The charge for this is £35 per dog. The fees go directly to the groomer. Please try and give us as much notice as possible so that we can make the arrangements for you. We will aim for this to be done as close as possible to your checkout day.
Dog Taxi Service: We can put you in touch with a local gentleman who operates a dog taxi service. A number of our customers have been using his services for over 8 years. We leave it to you to make your own arrangements with him.