Nervous about kennels?

Many people who have never used kennels before are very nervous about leaving their dogs for the first time, and quite understandably too. I would feel exactly the same way if I had to leave what to me is a member of the family with a "stranger". Others may have had a negative experience at a previous boarding kennels and are worried that all kennels are the same. It is surprising the number of people who call us for the first time and are surprised that we sound nice on the phone because other establishments have been just plain rude.
The only thing I can do to reassure you is to pass on our experiences and knowledge that we have gained over the last 50+ years. We understand just how important your dogs are to you, and we treat them as far as possible as members of our large family too, with kindness and respect.
For the most part, dogs that come to stay with us for the first time do not share their owners apprehension and nervousness and take their stay with us as an exciting experience and a welcome change of scenery - we ALL need a holiday once in a while.
Not all dogs are full of confidence though and this may have been from a previous bad experience either in kennels or from unwanted attention from boistous or plain aggresive dogs when out on a walk.
If your dog is nervy, we spend time getting to know them one on one. They don't physically mix with other dogs at first but can slowly get used to the safe environment of their own individual run where they can see other dogs running about and playing without fear. As they begin to come out of their shells, we will try to find them a like-minded friend to go out and play with. We would never just put two dogs out together and let them get on with it. We always closely monitor what is going on and if they don't get along then we will try with another dog. We don't take any of the more aggresive breeds of dogs anyway, so your dog will always be safe with us.
To further put your mind at ease, here are our experiences from a couple of new customers who contacted us ealier this year - one from a nervy owner's perspective and another from a nervy dog's perspective.
Nervy Owner:
The first was a lady who contacted us in a complete state because her father had been taken seriously ill down in the West Country and she had never put her gorgeous little Yorkie into kennels before. Despite my reassurances over numerous phone conversations we had planty of tears on drop off day and questions like "will my dog die of a broken heart if I leave her for 3 weeks".
Honey settled in so quickly and so well, and I had to ask the owner not to phone twice a day to see how her dog was doing! She was delighted just how well her dog settled in and the best news is that her father made a full recovery.
Nervy Dog:
The owners of Mr Darcy, a little Chihuahua, made a booking here without any drama. When he arrived, we were told that he had been banned from his previous two kennels because he bit people. And he CAN bite! I think he bit us all, not least me because I took him under my wing. Whilst it does hurt, being bitten kind of goes with the territory when you are working with so many different dogs. Thankfully, it is a rare occurrence.  
It seemed to me he had bitten out of fright and I don't doubt that he had been given a good clout at some point because every time I tried to touch him, he backed off and trembled.
I spent a long time sitting in his kennel, talking nonsense to him and letting him come to me if he wanted. Three days later and he was best buddies with us all - jumping on my lap and licking my face and strutting about with such a happy demeanour - such a transformation and what a success story.
If you are planning a holiday of a couple of weeks or more and are still worried, you could always book your dog in for a trial one or two night stay to see how they get on. We think you will be pleasantly surprised.