Vaccinations & Kennel Cough

Your dog must be up to date with their vaccinations before they come to stay with us and you must bring their vaccination record card with you when you bring your dog to us - terms of our kennel licence are that we must record that we have seen sight of it. 
If you cannot find your vaccination record card, most vets are happy to provide you with a copy free of charge. But you will need an up to date vaccination card whichever licenced kennel your dog goes to stay with. You should be wary of any kennel that does not ask to see your record card because it probably means that they are not licensed by the local authority.
If you are making a hurried last minute booking, and cannot find your vaccination certificate and do not have time to get to your vet to obtain a copy, then all is not lost. If you can provide us with your vet's contact details, we can phone them to satisfy ourselves that your dog is covered. It is still advisable to get a copy of the vaccination certificate as soon as you return from your travels.  
There is much confusion about what inoculations actually cover your dog for what is required when you want to book a kennel visit. The regular inoculation and subsequent annual boosters vaccinate against Distemper, Hepatitis and Parvovirus. It also includes the primary Kennel Cough vaccine. The Kennel Cough Vaccine is the least succesful out of all of the vaccines and in an effort to improve things a seperate secondary Kennel Cough Vaccine is available. This is rather unpleasant for the dog because it is administered nasally, and does not guarantee that your dog will never catch Kennel Cough, just as a flu jab in humans does not guarantee that we will not catch the flu. It is also rather expensive. In view of this we do NOT insist on the secondary Kennel Cough Vaccination. 
If your dog has never been vaccinated before or it is more than 15 months since their last vaccination then the first treatment consists of a course of two injections, two weeks apart. Your dog will not be fully covered until after the second vaccination, so you should factor this in to your timetable when making your booking. After the initial vaccinations, your dog will only require a single annual booster injection and you should aim to have the booster administered as near as possible to the due date. 
You can always give us a call if you are at all unclear or just want some free friendly advice, or you can discuss this with your vet and be guided by them.